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Stepping in Dogma (revised)

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  • coronaborealis444
    Stepping in Dogma I don t remember the first time I stepped in a pile of dogma but I know it was as a child that s the best time to snatch the minds of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2013
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      Stepping in Dogma

      I don't remember the first time I stepped in a pile of dogma
      but I know it was as a child
      that's the best time to snatch the minds of the unsuspecting,

      back then, who was I to question religion, politics, history,
      after all, dogma looked at in the mirror spells 'am god'

      so, as a good little girl I got all the shots,
      tried to blend in at school,
      sang the words to the star spangled banner
      even the part about bombs bursting in air,
      ate what was put on the plate
      without asking what pork was
      or what hot dogs were made of,  
      never really wondering how holidays came to be,
      who wrote the history books
      or why war was normal

      As I grew, I stepped in an even deeper pile,
      of questions

      the box of illusions was expanding,
      but I was still decades away from knowing that the word belief
      contained the word 'lie' right in the middle of it

      the first conscious wondering 
      was why black people had to live on their own hill
      separate from white people, even poor white people,
      why they never went to school or church with us,
      why when I did see them at the post office or grocery store
      they always looked down and  never made eye contact, 
      why was there such unspoken tension,

      I also wondered (silently, of course) why the pastor read the same stories
      over and over every sunday and why I couldn't relate to them

      in the many boxes of reality inhabited since childhood
      I followed the roots of curiosity, wondering about lots of things,
      especially my ever-growing collection of beliefs

      during the expansion, I started to wonder:

      who am I

      who lives on other stars

      who was the first person 
      to look at a  pig/cow/chicken and think
      to kill and eat it,

      why is that man sleeping on a grate in the snow

      do other people think like me

      my biggest questions turned out to be:
      why don't we question,
      and why is man so desensitized to homelessness,
      starvation, injustice, and the perils of nature  

      why are we comfortable talking about war but not peace

      why are peacemakers and activists for political, environmental and social change
      considered troublemakers  

      why is there still a holiday named after someone who 'discovered'
      a continent already inhabited by millions of people

      why are vegetarians considered weird

      how did an actor become president of the united states
      (I eventually came to see that it's one of the most important skills for the job)

      why do people who don't question seem so content

      I am on the path of conscious (r)evolution

      in the winter of my life,
      I have only a palm full of wisdom:
      that thoughts, choices, and perceptions create my reality
      that truth and lies chose the same hiding place,
      in plain site

      that all cultures share the same dream
      to be loved and to be heard

      that the tangled ball of yarn called life
      is one long thread, woven into a web of diversity 

      that we are multidimensional beings
      taking short-cuts through time and space,
      fireflies in a midnight sky

      and that to know anything more
      I will have to unshackle and empty the mind, once again
      and step naked into the deepest pile of all,

      by Sharon Pacione
      October 14, 2011
      April 3, 2013

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