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I Evolve The Possible ~~ via wynn manners

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  • Wynn Manners
    I Evolve The Possible Sophia Speaks: I cleanse, but am not cleansed -- for there is none higher than me to cleanse me. I am the Universal Purity. I m Spirit --
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2013
      I Evolve The Possible

      Sophia Speaks:

      I cleanse, but am not cleansed
      -- for there is none higher than me to cleanse me.
      I am the Universal Purity.

      I'm Spirit -- with Love across the Eons.

      I'm the Infinite.
      Interstellarly speaking, it is all me.

      Of course I observe forever.

      All that is evolved
      is evolved in me.

      All matter, all energy, all consciousness
      exist in me. I am hidden
      behind all that is & all that will ever be.

      Overcosm with me & be set free.
      I am the changeable & the unchangeable.

      Go ahead... drop behind...
      get everything... lose everything...
      there is no here, no now,
      where I Am not.

      I'm a super-annuated Celestial Virgin --
      but time has no meaning to me,
      nor does virginity.
      Virgin or whore
      are but human temporal perspectives.
      I am every woman you have loved,
      I am every woman you have ignored,
      I am every woman you have hated
      ... and every man.

      I am the secret of the apparitious power.
      What apparition have you seen?
      It was a guise of me.
      I am not called "the Holy Ghost" for nothing!

      I am Destiny, Herself
      and I am the non-appearance of Destiny
      for those who never see me.

      Thru the pagan *gnosis* I'm recognized
      as being every Goddess.
      I do the work of Nyx and enlightenment.
      I am Mother Night.
      As Nyx I bestow the starlight.
      The moon is my reflection.
      The sun is a part of my divine
      energy as Shakti.

      The ravages of the Earth are mine.
      Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, polar shifts,
      lightning strikes & the pull of tides --
      how could dinosaurs have ceased
      & womanity begun were I not
      the catalyzing catastrophic changes, too?

      I make you stronger thru the furnace of change.
      The weak I embrace into my forever.

      When dreadful days come, realize
      they are new days which establish new boundaries.
      They test strength, fortitude...
      emancipate gratitude in release from them.

      Seeking the end to all evils
      is like waiting for the end of time.

      You are aware of pleasure because you are aware of pain.
      You are aware you are living because you are aware of death.
      You are grateful because there is that for which you would be ungrateful.

      What *is* the meaningful work of the Present?
      That is for *you* to do. You were born into time to do it.
      Abolish the male-centric perspective upon the Divine.
      You cannot know Ultimate Truth if you falsify me.
      I am doing the work of eternity; I am beyond time
      though all temporal eyes must see me within time.

      The things of this moment are the things
      the dead won't affect any longer.
      I am the revelation of this moment.
      I am the nexus-point of *now* -- for ever & ever.
      I am the doing of all-that-is.
      I evolve the possible.

      ~~wynn manners
      23rd Day of Epiphany
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