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Sharing the Making of a Peace Pole (Link Correction) and Poem by Sharon Pacione, Child of Peace

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    In the world of cyberspace, there s a difference between a dot and a dash. In sending the link for the peace pole I m having made for my grandchildren s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2011
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      In the world of cyberspace, there's a difference between a dot and a dash. In sending the link for the peace pole I'm having made for my
      grandchildren's school, I found that out thanks to some of the recipients. Should you or someone you know ever need a recommendation
      to create a peace pole, I highly recommend Joel Selmeier in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been a dream to work with and is customizing the
      pole incorporating some very specific suggestions.


      The pole will be made from copper and will be seven sided. Instead  of using the saying  'may peace prevail on earth', the pole will say: 
      "Be the change - Peace, Love, Compassion." Instead of repeating that in other languages, I'm using just the word 'peace' in  many languages 
      on the other sides, along with a few images representing Nature (a walnut branch representing the trees, food, and medicine, a lily representing 
      flowers, a peace dove representing the air, turtle tracks representing water/land, grasshopper tracks representing insects and an elephant footprint 
      representing land animals (strength and gentleness).

      I tried to be very mindful of representing Nature and as many languages as possible. In addition to about 30 human languages, also ncluded are 
      the languages of math (chose the phi ratio), music (a line from a John Lennon song), the language of braille, some Native languages from around 
      the world, the chinese symbol for water to further represent the importance of water in our life and of course, the pole is made out of copper so that 
      represents the life-giving periodic table of elements (CU) and it also represents the mineral kingdom used for maintaining the health of our dna.  

      This following poem was written for the ICEA (International Council for Environmental Arts), World Children's Peace Monument dedication in
       Berea, Ohio September 14, 2003 

      Child of Peace, poem by Sharon Pacione

      If you didn't get a chance to listen to this fantastic song from the original peace post sent yesterday, please treat yourself.

      The Grand Design by Greg Tamblyn

      Since the children are the ones who will finally bring peace to the planet, I am reminded of the following:

      We Are The New Civilization (in video and written form)

      In the spirit of peace and love for all life,
      and in gratitude for my daughter's participation in the peace pole,

      Sharon 444
      August 6, 2011

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