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Thinking Out Loud: Haikus by Sharon Pacione

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Haikus open chrysalis moment of transformation birth and death cross paths a knock at two doors the pine tree waits for skiers luck answers the call sitting
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2011


      open chrysalis 
      moment of transformation
      birth and death cross paths

      a knock at two doors
      the pine tree waits for skiers 
      luck answers the call

      sitting with sunrise
      in touch with infinity
      tranquility's breath

      chorus of blackbirds
      in gratitude for morning
      honoring the sun

      stillness of morning
      watching egret merge with grace
      radiant silence

      sunlight on water
      mesmerizes  the mind's eye
      alone in a crowd

      waiting for moonlight
      keeper of the end of day
      sings the sun to sleep

      beauty in the pause
      palm trees dancing with the wind
      settling the mind

      let the system crash
      or do the maintenance work
      either choice, lessons

      whales drowning in tears
      lampooned in a sea of blood
      mother help us feel

      dancing with karma
      pursuing liberation
      in step with nothing

      body, mind, spirit
      healing is an inside job
      power of self love

      a simple question
      of what are we unaware
      we may never know

      role of a lifetime
      play directed by the star
      creative genius

      universal mind
      opening to all that is
      the gateway is now

      by Sharon Pacione
      March 19-31, 2011
      Ft. Myers, Florida

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