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A Poem by Jan Phillips

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    If I were pope I d proclaim the end of my infallibility and banish the word sin from the doctrines of faith I d ask every bishop and cardinal to replace
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2010
      If I were pope
      I'd proclaim the end of my infallibility
      and banish the word sin from the doctrines of faith
      I'd ask every bishop and cardinal
      to replace himself with a thoughtful woman
      and complete his ministry in a prison or homeless shelter
      If I were pope
      I'd pay the mystics to write poetry all day
      and have their words read at the Sunday Masses
      I'd pay the prophets to upload their message
      in five minute videos
      for youtube viewers around the world
      I'd hire a thousand displaced workers
      to construct a new Sistine Chapel and cover it with mirrors
      instead of male images
      If I were pope
      I'd announce a contest
      for 10 new sacraments that celebrate
      peace-making, justice, and interfaith creations.
      I'd send envoys to the villages
      to talk about birth control
      and distribute condoms wherever they are needed.
      I'd establish a tuition-free college in every country
      to train young students how to think
      non-violently and act ethically.
      If I were pope I'd convert closed churches
      to housing for the needy
      and meeting places for the marginal and walking wounded
      I'd buy farms in rural places
      and dedicate each one to organic farming
      and community-based agriculture.
      I'd convert every Motherhouse and seminary
      into a training center for spiritual activists, cultural creators
      and community collaborators.
      I'd auction off my skullcap, my mozetta cape 
      and my darling red shoes

      to the highest bidder and send the money to Haiti
      for the construction of schools and health care centers.
      I'd sell my Fisherman's Ring on ebay
      and donate the proceeds to the Gulf shrimpers.
      I'd trade my red and gold embroided fascia
      (the stole with the fringes) for a villa in Tuscany
      and give free spa retreats to women who've served the church
      for five years or more.
      If I were pope, I'd throw a party at the Vatican
      and invite everyone who's left the church
      because they didn't feel welcomed.
      (The overflow crowd would be treated to weekends
      at Italian vineyards.)
      If I were pope, I'd announce my retirement,
      and as my last act in office, at the final party,
      I'd ordain to the priesthood any woman who was ready,
      marry any gay couple who wanted my blessing,
      and allow any servant of the faithful
      to be married or not, whatever they choose.
      Then I'd get in my jammies,
      say a prayer of gratitude,
      and crawl into bed for a much needed nap.  

      by Jan Phillips
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