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Agony and the Death -- Allyson Moore

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  • wynn manners
    [[i should ve posted this one *first* in the series. Remembered it, belatedly... *sigh*. -- wynn]] Agony and the Death In the quiet of this place I find you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2009
      [[i should've posted this one *first* in the series. Remembered it, belatedly... *sigh*. -- wynn]]

      Agony and the Death

      In the quiet of this place I find you
      As I did on that dark night Father before you called me to yourself
      I was bereft
      Knowing what had to be done
      But afraid
      In my frailty I knew what I was about to suffer
      I came to you
      Wishing that you would take this from me
      But knowing that you would not

      In the quiet of that place
      I confronted you
      I confronted myself
      You held the world before my eyes to see
      Knowing that I could decline it
      But trusting that I would not

      In those moments before the tragedy of those events began to unfold
      I offered myself to you
      In the unity of the one in which I have always existed

      You watched as I writhed in the agony
      Of what my body knew was going to be done to it
      I felt the piercing before a lash struck my skin
      I felt the pellets of the talons before they whipped my flesh
      I felt the scorn of men who hated me without knowing me
      Who enjoyed the sport of watching me die

      I saw you watching me
      In silence
      As you beheld me mother
      I felt the tears in your heart
      Encased in that lonely
      As you watched your suckling child
      Be maimed at the hands of men
      That I so loved

      Never did they hear me
      Never did they see me
      Never did they wish to know me

      You knew my depths
      You who had plunged them
      Who knew them better than I knew myself
      Your witness to my suffering
      Was your encounter with your own misery
      The spiral that took you away from me
      Which separated our hearts

      You who had desired to be with me
      Could no longer find me
      As you stood vigil
      Deep in your own despair
      Desiring of your own death

      Come drink from the cup that we may be one
      That we may die together
      To the enmities
      Of the existence
      Which strangles us and
      Motes our existence

      For you bore me up
      Held me in your arms
      Transfixed me with the gaze of your love
      That as the love of the Father and Mother
      Were not enough
      That we would find our union with one another
      That we might uplift each other

      In those moments before I passed
      I saw your eyes
      Filled with pain
      Knowing that you could not traverse this journey with me
      I gave my body to you
      You gave me life

      It is done.

      Allyson Moore © January 2009
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