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Many Worlds -- Messengers between Worlds

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  • consciousrevision
    Ravens Ravens appear in many Folk beliefs and traditions. *Hugin and Munin, Thought and Memory, understandably are revered in Norse Theology. Another man told
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      Ravens appear in many Folk beliefs and traditions.
      *Hugin and Munin, Thought and Memory,
      understandably are revered in Norse Theology.

      Another man told me his people thought they precursored death.
      It is always good to remember that one size, one theology, does not
      fit all or any peoples.
      Neither does one New Age or New World Order view of any peoples'
      beloved or feared dieties.
      Melted into One New World all Folk have nothing -- their heritages
      only conn-fused.

      On a chilly day I went outside and a Raven called to me.
      Catching my attention, I noticed what to our ancient Folk is a Raven
      Coming from the Realm of the Gods, this Raven did a dance and a
      complex series of sounds that matched her actions.

      Hair on head stood out in many points as in a circle punctuated round
      black feather points around her head.
      I don't know how a Raven does this, but this is not the first time
      I've seen their amazing array of expression.
      Then she spread her wings as if in short triangles and shook herself
      back and forth.
      Then she splayed her legs apart – wide to create a gap
      a black egg
      down from tree branch high.

      Five times she repeated this.
      Each time with the same song sequence that matched her actions.
      Each time beginning with the round series of feather points around her
      Each time concluding with a black egg dropping from spread gap of legs.
      Giving birth.
      Gods of the North.

      Year After Year Religious Fools have Slain
      What They Could Not Dominate.
      It is No Wonder They Attempt to Kill All Life Here.

      But they cannot Kill the Stars
      Nor the Creatures that Pass Through Dimension to this one.
      The Raven Conveying into this Dimension
      What for Thousands of Years Before This Latest Age of Myths
      Sought to Undo.

      Many a Folk have Star Sponsors.
      That Scares the Crap Out of Those Who Keep Trying to Close this Sphere
      and Everyone in It
      into their Narrow Minds, pulling into their webs, if they could, ALL
      that Lives.

      Thankfully the Raven flew.
      A transcendant Being it accepted my Food offered
      without Consuming like Dimmer-Centric Ones Here Only Know.
      Dessicated an Hour later the Steak and two grains were Received
      but Not Taken.

      Dimension Speaking to Dimension
      Across Time and Space.
      Time Travel.
      Space Travel.
      Known Different Ways to Different Tribes.

      Each Tribes' Limitations, Uniquely Theirs.
      Let's Not Share Them.
      Instead, Aspire Higher.
      Instead, Open Wider.
      Instead, Learn Other.

      For those who wish to see an End.
      May they take their unhappy selves quickly
      from this place they would subdue with their limitations and do not love
      so once again, many Live,
      as they always did.

      * In Norse Theology, Hugin and Munin travel the world bearing news
      and information they have collected to Ođin. They are sent out at
      dawn to gather information and return in the evening. They perch on
      the God's shoulders and whisper the news into his ears. When Ođin
      rides his steed, Sleipnir, it has been experienced that Hugin is
      perched on his left shoulder as they gallop the skies, thunder across
      ancient planks and in the whirlwind creating ever anew. Life Change.

      © FolkSoul Channelings October 2008
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