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Re: Somewhere A Buddha Sits

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  • sigrunz
    The Third Eye Opens The third eye opens on a society gone mad where food s life affirming essence may not be legally spoken of nor lest the intended ill
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2008
      The Third Eye Opens

      The third eye opens
      on a society gone mad
      where food's life affirming essence may not be legally spoken of nor
      lest the intended ill married Codex isolate, using more overbearing
      deep pocketed, big toothed economic warfare, its true terrorist weapon.
      Health essence, if spoken of, declared now advertising, another rule,
      another layer of subterra-mean-fugue, in the horrible counterpointed
      symphony of humanities ongoing exploitation and deception â€" false
      advertising more myths.
      Gone awry

      What happened to the other two eyes?
      Shut and glazed over, not from deep meditation of the Seers gaze, but
      the living hulks
      who choose their own death
      and pay hefty sums to build more prisons for their neighbors (and
      eventually themselves, the 3rd eye knows).
      Or perhaps they chose a fake eye to continue the Borg snapping pieces
      as if natural were not enough to withstand the onslaught of the indoor
      chemical ridden ingested life â€" allergic to fresh air or sharing
      kinship with all that purifies in complex subtleties, raising the spirit.

      Forced servitude
      is not slavery
      in the land of the free
      where choice,
      the outworn dialectic
      of spit up chosen characatures
      with more spit up fake debates
      and false conflicts
      followed by hugs and warm fuzzy happy feelings
      on cue
      are framed to


      All are tired of the charade.
      Evil ones cast out
      their followers continue to interlace new layers of laws on old debates.
      Laws to bind.
      Laws "For your Protection" â€" what does that really mean?
      Protection, the carte blanche used to bind, enslave, own, exploit, and
      advertise with unlimited budgets.
      Every store, every phone system where the no-human (for your
      convenience (i.e. replacement!) ) who answers puts you on hold to
      listen to the chatter, programming your mind, assaulting your senses.

      The third eye opens
      Is it connected to your own still flowing energetic socket
      or, like you other two eyes, frozen deep into messages for another's
      Whose connective tissue does it use
      or has it been rewired, too?
      Does anything inside that is not the chatter of the advertising boxes
      remain to use as language to uniquely speak to you?
      Or have you so joined the great collective eye that your own true I is
      voiceless, bereft of unique speech?
      If you gave yourself a chance, what metaphors could it use?

      Choices â€" the dialectic (created by false others)?
      the ones you create uniquely?

      The third eye.
      The third path.
      Left and right are Ill-US-ions.
      Up and down Ill-US-sions two.
      Inside the advertisers box, this makes no sense.
      Outside, a new day dawns, fresh, beautiful, alive, pure and free.

      C sigrunz â€" July 2008

      --- In VoicesOfThePhilosophersStone@yahoogroups.com, "Anna Ruiz"
      <kailashana@...> wrote:
      > Somewhere A Buddha Sits
      > Somewhere
      > a Buddha sits
      > smiling
      > with Lotus feet..
      > In Korea they are rioting
      > NO American beef
      > police clash
      > clubs hit
      > and blood spills
      > water
      > hoses away
      > all signs
      > Somewhere a Buddha
      > opens his eyes
      > angels unfurl wings..
      > John testifies he's never
      > seen a storm like the one in
      > Golden California,
      > raging
      > and 60% now agree to offshore drilling
      > open ANWR
      > and the swimming pools are mosquito laden
      > at Six Flags in Georgia
      > a teenager scales two fences to a
      > "Restricted Area"
      > he is decapitated,
      > we are shocked
      > meanwhile in Zimbabwe, the crises of leadership
      > is resolved, the winner loses.
      > and Bush speaks about stolen elections..
      > Somewhere there's a lesson to be learned
      > and somewhere the third eye opens,
      > Lightning crashes.
      > f
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