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Bukowski And Anna Sitting In A Tree

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  • anabebe57
    Bukowski And Anna Sitting In A Tree Bukowski s the best and the worst in the hospitals and jails it s the worst in madhouses it s the worst in penthouses
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      Bukowski And Anna Sitting In A Tree

      Bukowski's "the best and the worst"

      in the hospitals and jails
      it's the worst
      in madhouses
      it's the worst
      in penthouses
      it's the worst
      in skid row flophouses
      it's the worst
      at poetry readings
      at rock concerts
      at benefits for the disabled
      it's the worst
      at funerals
      at weddings
      at parades
      at skating rinks
      at sexual orgies
      it's the worst
      at midnight
      at 3 a.m
      a 3:45 a.m.
      at 5:45 p.m.
      it's the worst

      falling through the sky
      firing squads
      that's the best

      thinking of India
      looking at popcorn stands
      watching the bull get the matador
      that's the best

      boxed lightbulbs
      and old dog scratching
      peanuts in a celluloid bag
      that's the best

      spraying roaches
      a clean pair of stockings
      natural guts defeating natural talent
      that's the best

      in front of firing squads
      throwing crusts to seagulls
      slicing tomatoes
      that's the best

      rugs with cigarette burns
      cracks in sidewalks
      waitresses still sane
      that's the best

      my hands dead
      my heart dead
      adagio of rocks
      the world ablaze
      that's the best for me.

      Anna's the best and the worst

      in the torture rooms
      where electric shocks
      break brilliant white capped teeth, bleed
      the eyes,
      and "waterboarding" is the new
      "surf's up"
      in Americana
      no longer denied
      and Presidential
      doom the common man
      it's the worst

      in a waiting room
      after 12 hours of
      surgery it's the best
      when the surgeon says "everything
      went well"
      it's the worst when
      a staph infection
      leaves your children

      in the school yard the bully
      taunts and teases with words
      and fists
      one day some kid decides
      to get even with the
      whole wide world and walks in playing
      "Dirty Harry" to the hilt and hit of mind
      as many as he can
      before he turns the
      weapon on himself
      that's the worst

      in a school room there
      stands a teacher the only
      one who believes in you
      and takes you under her wing and says: "kid,
      you're gonna make it just fine."
      and you give your
      whole life to prove
      her right
      that's the best

      acid rain and global warming
      usher in
      human folly
      still bulldozing
      through all these years
      through pristine land and air
      making way
      for gated community
      bereft of
      Christ's olive groves
      30 foot walls surround
      Jewish settlements
      that's the worst

      shouts "no more" and
      let's loose her chain-of-command
      devastation clears
      all paths
      rich and poor young and old
      Catholic Protestant and
      and humanity once again
      remembers to lend
      a hand
      cross all
      barriers to form
      a bridge
      that's the best

      and then one day you are old
      and you forget the best and
      worst and you sit
      in front of an open window
      a warm breeze
      of sunshine
      touching you
      a cardinal flies
      by with the scent of
      and you fall asleep
      for the last time

      that's the best.

      ~Anna Ruiz
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