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Egypt November 2 - 15, 2003

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    There is a trip to Egypt this year, leaving JFK the evening of November 2nd, returning on November 15th that I will be participating in and thought I d mention
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2003

      There is a trip to Egypt this year, leaving JFK the evening of
      November 2nd, returning on November 15th that I will be participating
      in and thought I'd mention it to a few people who might also be drawn
      to go. The cost is $3,888 but one should never let cost get in the way
      for if we are to be someplace and open to the Universe for assistance,
      then it will be so. Being open to that which is for our greater good, but
      not attached to the outcome is how manifestation works. If you are to
      be on this trip, it will be so. Have a little talk with Creator and see what

      For me, it came about suddenly in early July through a "coincidence"
      with the number 13 that I was to be on this trip. I was in Egypt once
      before in November 2000. 

      Our group will be at the very powerful Temple of Luxor on November
      8th, the Harmonic Concordance. This temple is, perhaps, the most
      dramatic in Egypt.  It was buried for hundreds of years under the
      sweeping desert sands and was uncoverd less than a century ago.
      Started by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II, the temple's
      massive columns and statues at the fertility shrine of the sun god will
      remain in our memories for years. In front of the great pylon is one of
      two obelisks, which Mohammed Ali presented to France in 1831 - the
      other, taken to Paris, now stands in the Palance de la Concorde. This
      well-preserved temple and statues are incredible monuments,
      particularly the Avenue of Sphinxes, which in ancient times extended
      2 1/2 miles to the Temple of Karnak.

      This is the first trip of the past 23 Egypt adventures we have the honor
      of being in the Great Pyramid on November 11. We will have two hours
      of private time in the Great Pyramid and personal group time between
      the paws of the Sphinx. We also visit the I Am Seat located between
      two sets of 11 pillars in the Sphinx temple. We will attempt to recreate
      the mystical events of Mt. Shasta, CA on November 11, 1949, where
      Hamid Bey, the founder of the Coptic Fellowship, witnessed a historical
      planetary event.

      Among the other places we will visit while in Egypt will be:

      Cairo, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx, a visit to the Egyptian
      Antiquities Museum (which houses the world's largest collection of
      relics from Pharonic times, some dating back 6,000 years). We will
      also visit beautiful mosques in Cairo and several ancient Coptic
      churches in Old Cairo.

      Other places we will visit while in Egypt include:

      Aswan, Alexandria (visiting on the way St. Marcarius Monastery, where
      the bones of John the Baptist were discovered in 1977), Temple of Philae (Temple of Isis), Temple of Horus at Edfu,  Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Abydos, and Kom Ombo. Part of the trip
      will be a cruise down the Nile on a 5* cruise ship. We will also sail down
      the Nile in an Egyptian sailboat known as a felucca boat. We travel across the Nile to the temple of god Khnum on Elephantine Island and we will
      view one of the ancient sites of the Ark of the Covenant kept here in the
      first century.

      If you are interested in going on this trip, let me know and I will be
      happy to send you a brochure. If you cannot be there physically, please
      join our group as we pray for peace on Earth for humanity and all life
      while we visit this sacred land.

      In the spirit of oneness,
      Sharon 444
      *Sharon Pacione*

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