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New Years Day

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  • ErcAshfrd@aol.com
    _http://stardustpoetry.blogspot.com/2007/01/new-years-day.html_ (http://stardustpoetry.blogspot.com/2007/01/new-years-day.html) New Years Day We have a new
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      New Years Day



      We have a new ripeness of wonder today.

      The rituals have been borne

      the sacraments honoured.

      This morning we step into innocence

      to wash blood from our hands.

      This ceremony is most holy

      for blood speaks of movement

      and it tells of its birth pains

      to become our words.

      We wash delicately

      in-between our thoughts and dreams

      attending to each part

      as a child will when left alone

      to play with its soul.

      We visit ourselves

      knowing that a simple gesture of love

      can open a thousand years

      of speculation into a perfect now.

      We let the soft blood wash itself

      revealing ripeness

      where the flesh unfolds its charisma.

      We open windows in our substance

      for being to be rinsed through

      with the light of a hallowed purpose-

      a clear stream of newness.

      New, new, new

      all is ever new here.

      Let the child in you

      sing this divine bloodletting truth.

      The new must be planted again

      the earth needs your blood.

      The old cannot be carried

      but must be released

      revered and set free

      to be the account of

      our long surrender

      and eternal flowering.




      (C) Eric Ashford 06

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