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How To Be A Mystic

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  • ErcAshfrd@aol.com
    [Unable to display image] How To Be A Mystic A mystic knows the power of imagination And the direction of its flow - He allows that imaginative flow To be his
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2003

      How To Be A Mystic

      A mystic knows the power of imagination
      And the direction of its flow -
      He allows that imaginative flow
      To be his inward unveiling,
      That it becomes his own truth of seeing.

      He sees the wine in the grape
      And remembers the seasons
      that have brought the wine into fruition.
      When he speaks of grapes -
      He speaks from the vine of life.

      He does not discard any religion or ritual.
      Yet he is not bound by any dogma.
      Even dogma
      He can unravel as a pure silk thread
      To reveal the tapestry of its inner reality.

      His life is his own interpretation,
      And that interpretation
      Is the book of his souls scripture
      As it is contemplated into form. 

      A mystic becomes
      His own ever changing horizon -
      For he learns to see
      With a sight that is not limited
      By the curve of the world
      But is the vista of the worlds soul
      As it turns within him.

      He knows, that the outlook of truth
      Is a point of view that can be shared -
      Yet his truth is beyond any outlook,
      But is the in-look of God upon itself.
      That experience, is only an encountering
      Unless it is his own personal art work -
      Created into an image that can experience itself.
      He also knows that God
      Is beyond any experience or experiencer
      Yet is not apart from that duality also.

      If a questioner seeks sound as some opinion
      Silence is his answer.
      Yet he is not speechless, and can give words
      To answer each question
      For he knows the content of all questions.
      He knows that everything calls back to Unity
      Like rain becoming sea becoming sky.

      A mystic will accept any label you would give him.
      Though he may speak from a point of view,
      He knows it is just a variation of perspective -
      Just as definitions, are clothes
      That seem to be make a statement of difference
      But are only the outer appearance of truth.

      The mystic has ripened his harvest
      By cultivating good seeds
      Nurtured with inner attention.
      His wisdom is not clever, but contains
      The eye of God in the yield of himself.
      A harvest that is reaped only to be given away.

      He would be a clean vessel for clean water,
      And so although he knows that all is perfect,
      He also knows that his cup is earthen,
      As well as essence, and must be washed
      with the water of his awareness constantly.

      He understands that one moment of self-love
      Is richer then a lifetime
      Of research in spiritual libraries.
      He walks in no ones shadow
      Though accepts his own.
      He knows that there is always a sunset within a sunrise.
      Light and dark.  Joy and sadness. 
      Remembrance and Forgetfulness - do not pull him apart.
      He sees that valleys and mountains
      Are waves on the surface of life’s ocean.
      Sometimes he is deep and oceanic, sometimes
      A dancing wave, both a crest and a trough in one.

      He will talk about non-essential things,
      And make them essential to understanding.
      He will talk of momentous things,
      And render them into simplicity.
      He does not always speak the truth to you,
      For he knows that to do so
      May not relate to your understanding,
      And your truth matters to him as much as his.

      He is in communication with his Self
      And therefor he does not think of God or man
      As others do, but sees all as a conversation
      that takes places within him alone.
      The mystic has one love
      And one moral which is love.
      When he communes with that
      He speaks for that.

      He grasps that which cannot be grasped.
      He encompass that which cannot be compassed
      For he is not outside of anything.
      In this world he is what God becomes.
      Beyond this world he becomes what you really are.
      He sees the ocean in the raindrop
      and all of God in your silent tears.
      He cannot be other than compassionate
      Knowing that his heart is held by yours.

      He worships idols and sees no difference
      Between an idol, and the Source of all creation.
      In his divine workshop
      He sculptures this world to his ideal
      And with devotion makes that live forever.
      He is a mystic.
      One who fashions the mind from emptiness,
      And can see through that mind
      Knowing it is not there.
      He is the mystery.
      He brings forth light from his darkness
      And creates new sky’s
      In the realms of being.
      He is the mystic prayer of every soul
      To be opened by the mystic heart
      Of All there Is.




      Copyright Eric Ashford Feb. 2003.

    • wdestiny44@aol.com
      Eric: LOVE IT!!!!
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 15, 2003

        LOVE IT!!!!

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