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  • Stephen <spiritquestca@shaw.ca>
    Greetings All, I still, at times, marvel at my Soul s delight when she directs my path to places, such as this. She is, of course, this poet s Heart. I shall
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003
      Greetings All,
      I still, at times, marvel at my Soul's delight when she directs my
      path to places, such as this. She is, of course, this poet's Heart.
      I shall anticipate, with joy, your voices raised in Heart felt song.
      May I share one of my poems.

      I Am

      When Spirit Moves

      When Spirit moves in mysterious ways
      I reflect back upon the days
      The days when my vision was bright and clear
      My perception of the world, that I hold so dear,
      Was beauty, balance, harmony and joy.

      What is this now that I do not see?
      Is this my fate, my future, my destiny
      Yet to unfold, a story yet to be told.

      Spirit says to me
      All life s good, all life is love
      As it is below, so it is above

      With this in mind, I soon perceive
      That life goes on in a perfect way
      And all we can do is live each
      Walking the talk, pursuing the path.

      In the name of Spirit I shall walk this day
      Upon the straight path of the Good Red Road.
      Let my steps be firm,
      Let my mind be present and clear,
      Let my heart be filled with truth and love.

      Let me see my world from above
      And let it be, that which is to come to me.
      Let me honor it in an appropriate way
      Let me see the signs that show the path.
      Let me live this life, this day
      Knowing that it is perfect in every way.

      Again my vision is clear and bright
      I see the moment, I see the light
      I can only live in the now.

      Some times are tough, some times are cruel
      But love is a wondrous tool.
      It cures all hurts, it heals all wounds.
      And this is how we grow you see
      This is why there is mystery
      And this is why Spirit loves us all
      This is why there is black and white,
      Why there is day and night
      Hurt and pain.

      Lessons of life are for us to see
      That in the here and now
      There should only be
      Balance and harmony

      And how do we attain this state of bliss?
      Love must come from within.
      And like a pebble dropped in the ocean deep,
      Its waves to caress that far off shore
      It must radiate out forever more.

      And as love goes out, the waves return
      To bathe us with light and love divine
      Thus there is peace, harmony and joy.

      The universe for us to see
      Is within the hearts of you and me.
      Spirit says, come now dear one
      Share your world of love and joy

      Let all beings see
      That harmony and balance
      Are your destiny.
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