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The Song in You and Me ... Hilary Collins

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  • Hilary Collins
    The Song in You and Me There s a song we all arrive with that beats in harmony with our heart. If you care to listen, you will hear the music play and your
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2002
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      The Song in You and Me

      There's a song we all arrive with
      that beats in harmony with our heart.
      If you care to listen, you will hear the music play
      and your rhythm will remind you
      why you are alive today.

      Some say we carry our common human song
      deep within the spirals of our DNA.
      It is the song that recognizes
      love as the universal glue.
      It's not just all the fuzzy stuff either,
      it's also love of slimy worms.

      This song of ours resonates with light of
      affirmation, harmony, peace, love, and safety.
      We're all so different that is true,
      yet we share a common tune for
      belonging, health, respect, and freedom,
      beauty, pure water, clean air, delicious food, nurturance,
      ease and flow, prosperity, kindness and compassion,
      justice, honor, understanding and reverence for life.

      This common song is one that we are born to play
      it creates our balance day to day,
      sets us on the center point
      with the Earth, with each other
      and with ourselves.

      Our gift of song is HUGE you see, it never goes away
      it's always there inside to choose
      to live and love unconditionally.

      The next time you get the chance,
      look into a child's eyes,
      see if you can recognize the tune that's playing there, inside.
      For if you hear the music's notes,
      it will strike a common chord
      and your heart's song will start to play along.
      Your feet may tap and this exchange
      will snap you back to life's joyful dance.

      From there it's all left up to you, my friend,
      to keep your station tuned-in
      to what is playing inside you.
      Sure it may be hard at first, to keep this dial tuned
      so remember to give yourself a break,
      as the pulse inside
      balances and reveals to you
      the love that you are made of
      and what it means to share.

      I have told you all the pudding fluff-stuff of life,
      so now you wonder, where are all the tears, the spit and blood,
      the stones and bombs stored, My Dear?

      Glad you asked,
      "Is there a common song for war,
      hatred, bigotry, murder, rape, pillage and plunder?"

      Personally, I don't think there is a song like this,
      not one that is born inside our hearts.
      Don't get me wrong, I know this tune is real;
      we can't deny what our eyes see and our ears do feel,
      humanity's long scream of anguish,
      squished bones and ashes, blood and guts
      echoes throughout historical halls.
      This refrain is certainly really real,
      ringing all around us, in retaliation's recall.

      Yet I believe, this song of hate for one another
      is disregard imposed outside our human forms.
      Composed long ago as a power trip loop
      to control and possess what we hold dear.
      Held in place with warnings of "worse than this"
      and threats of shame and punishment.
      Fear is the ball and chain that locks
      our reality dials to the mean and nasty outside "sing-a-long".

      So we listen to discordant slice and dice,
      and greasy frying pans, chalk-board fingernails,
      shivers and wide-tear-filled eyes,
      hungry bellies, babies dying, dust flying
      slaps in faces and putdowns of all size,
      choking lumps that rise and slide back down our throats.
      The song is so insidious, a tight knot in the rope
      its notes are written on the lines with promises of glory,
      posturing on mountains of possessions,
      stabbing pains and people's backs,
      and front's slaughters are in there too,
      relinquishing the rights of others
      for promised riches, more than one's fair share.

      This cruel tone is really dense,
      it's not easy to see through to the other side.
      It covers, dams, distracts and generally messes up
      the flowing light which sings inside.
      It's acts rise in reaction form,
      the kind that perpetuate the validity of power-over others,
      spread like wildfire on the billboards and TV.
      Hate wrapped in a pack of lies
      made to seem so real, it's now... supposedly
      a completely normal part of life....
      as if war and dominating others, was just what's meant to be.

      We are frightened, tricked and tempted
      and so we yield our bow to those
      whose lips and actions tell us they are kings,
      more important and more worthy than
      who they name the lame brain, small fry, other thing.
      This is how we take our energy and starve our inner song
      giving it away to the outside power that buys and sells
      in stockpiles,
      the love that life is all about
      and we are left empty and forever craving.

      With each bow and sucked in lump,
      we are fully responsible
      we are standing there allowing
      the crushing of each other to propagate.
      Yet we know what is singing/ringing true in all of us,
      why else would Schindler's List receive
      our quivered lips, the river of tears and Oscar's rave reviews?

      We leave our movie seats, kleenex still in hand
      and with a sigh, we swallow the "why?",
      return to pressure, push and shove, incinerate,
      the tear track's remains
      are covered up by our day to day.
      So we dance and share this history with our children in our books.
      Yet we don't provide the space to keep them free to ask us, "Why?"
      "Why Mom and Dad, are you such cowards?", they would say
      "What is the purpose of this game anyway, that we all play?"

      So instead of stopping to take a look,
      and falling into our selves,
      like the Phoenix in the fire,
      we continue to think the pain is less if we swallow the lump
      and on and on we dance in this hurting-bleeding song.
      This maddening circle is how we all continue to think
      the others are nuts who rally for peace and love.
      We believe the lie that "it's only normal, human way"
      to play the game dealing cards off the bottom of the deck
      pointing fingers finding blame, with heavy price to pay.

      This negating-life song is sung
      all in the name and claim of protection,
      as the bloody-bleeding outside song
      marches itself on down the hall,
      whose walls sole purpose is to maintain
      the circle of communal ignorance.

      Come in closer for a look,
      it is not all as hopeless as it seems
      the walls give way,
      when we slow the mad organ grinder down.
      Release yourself from cruelty's gravity,
      and float up to a seat in a tree,
      from the vantage point of looking in
      you can examine hate more carefully.
      Here is where the picture gets clear
      as to the source of hate's energetic fuel.

      You'll find something really strange
      that will shake most people up
      if they care to take the time to look
      the lump will rise to their surprise
      it gets too big now to swallow back down
      So now it's out the lump tells us,
      that we are in fact
      both the chorus and conductor of this creepy crushing song.

      The lump tells us,
      our own worst crime seems to be:
      we continue singing blind to this discovery.
      As we do, we hide both our own
      and each other's, and even the Earth's innate ability
      to become One Whole Family.

      Yet stepping of the hamster wheel
      and spitting out these lumps,
      lets us see that music's meaning
      has a deeper sweeter purpose than
      simply pointing fingers at the whole.

      The view yields us the greatest hope we could imagine,
      as our common human song floods our hearts
      and fills our smiles, "YES", ahhha...
      We know our potential is inside... We realize,
      we are individuals dancing in One Collective Whole
      balanced in vibration with soul-filled living and considering of all.

      Hilary Collins
      4/25/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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