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Fwd: (Poetry Chaikhana) Ivan M. Granger - Every Shaped Thing

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  • ErcAshfrd@aol.com
    Here s your Daily Poem from the _Poetry Chaikhana_ (http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com/) -- Every Shaped Thing By _Ivan M. Granger_
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
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      Here's your Daily Poem from the Poetry Chaikhana --

      Every Shaped Thing

      By Ivan M. Granger
      (1969 - )

      every shaped thing

      Your altar
      cannot seat
      the thousand thousand

      Holding them,
      what do you have?

      Each gilded god

      "I am
      by the sun.

      I can only


      Thought for the Day:

      Once you have gathered enough silence,
      silence gathers you.


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      The Alchemist

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      Hi Eric -

      A gift from the islands today...

      I wrote this poem when I still lived on the island of Maui. I was standing outside with a scattered forest of eucalyptus and wattle trees in front of me and Haleakala volcano to my back. I was standing there in a state of deep meditation, when I opened my eyes -- and I just saw how everything is reaching, turning, pointing heavenward. The material world, when objectified becomes a confusing tangle of desire objects; but when seen truly, quietly, it acts as a great signpost guiding us, pointing out the direction.

      All of creation -- every person, every thing, even every idea, "every shaped thing" -- is just a reflection of the divine radiance present everywhere.

      Whenever we desire a thing... or person or experience, we artificially deify it, the desire and mental fixation becoming a low form of worship. We may tell ourselves, "I want this, I want that," but what we unknowingly crave is not the thing itself, but that spark of the Eternal barely glimpsed within it. The desired object becomes a "gilded god" -- false in the sense that it is not truly the wholeness we seek; but also, like an "idol," when approached sincerely and openly, material creation embodies something essential: it points to the Divine which it reflects.

      No individual can ever gather enough objects of desire to satisfy desire. But when we learn to see in gold the glimmer of the sun, then we see that everything shines -- everything! -- ourselves included. And then we are truly satisfied.

      Have a beautiful day!


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