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997"White Man's World" by iamrisingphoenix

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Feb 4, 2005
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      white man’s world
      by iamrisingphoenix

      licensing and registration.
      anger, rage and more frustration.
      people pissed within this nation.
      this is the white man’s world.

      Contracts, Deeds, Titles and fees.
      documents abound - cut down more trees.
      who needs oxygen when you’re living on your knees?
      this is the white man’s world.

      believe what you hear, question not a soul.
      follow, follow, follow - keep doing what you’re told.
      the Authorities know best, this bill of goods is sold.
      this is the white man’s world.

      be civil, be meek and always law-abiding.
      take what you’re told with no more fighting.
      the pen can kill because of its writing.
      this is the white man’s world.

      words on paper created this nation.
      most live here without starvation.
      for that, no liabilities within this corporation.
      this is the white man’s world.

      where the who’s are what’s, just doing their jobs.
      keeping us safe, disarming the mobs.
      they’re the only one’s allowed here to rob.
      this is the white man’s world.

      insurance, banks and mortgage companies abound.
      interest on interest - an interesting sound.
      the entire nation’s in debt, and it is profound.
      this is the white man’s world.

      religions say to love and definitely not judge.
      religions in this place simply refuse to budge.
      you think God could give them a nudge?
      this is the white man’s world.

      scripts, drugs and doctors will always say,
      “This pharmaceutical will make you feel better today.”
      get rid of the symptoms, while we all rot away.
      this is the white man’s world.

      Nature exists to teach all The Truth.
      if you visit Here, you’ll get back your youth.
      “No, thanks, I’ll get there with my gin and vermouth.”
      this is the white man’s world.

      disrespect isn’t something considered.
      disgracing one’s self with dirty laundry and litter.
      snivel to God and live life embittered.
      this is the white man’s world.

      pollute all the land with waste piled high.
      some underground, some in the sky.
      Chemtrails – HAARP – Mother Earth cries.
      this is this the white man’s world.

      militarism, forcefulness, do what i say.
      be not individual, act not free today.
      do what i tell you, or i’ll take you away.
      this is the white man’s world.

      fear’s replaced freedom, this is for sure.
      gated communities replace what was once pure.
      innocence is gone from us all - that’s for sure!
      this is the white man’s world.

      plastic surgery, make that incision.
      plastic money, nuclear fission.
      suicide’s the answer in a lot of people’s vision.
      this is the white man’s world.

      homeless, hopeless, without a single penny.
      in a land so rich, are those without any.
      the rich here are few, the poor are the many.
      this is the white man’s world.

      all here are victims to unfortunate accidents.
      lawyers are needed for all of the precedents.
      got to go to court now or a warrant will  be sent to us.
      this is the white man’s world.

      isn’t it amazing? my interest is ensured.
      how an entire people, can get so suckered by The Word.
      and made to believe everything that they’ve heard.
      welcome to white man’s world.

      and here we have a vision, a vision of a day.
      when people live in harmony and care in many ways.
      to forgive and love and live in peace, throughout their entire day.

      where everyone is safe and sound, but freedom lights the way.
      this too, is a white man’s world, some who live here have to say.
      from there to here’s so simple, you see,
      it’s just a change-of-thought… away.


      i am rising phoenix
      c 2005