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976November Haikus by Sharon

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2004

      November 2004 Haikus
      by Sharon Pacione

      circle leads the way
      geometry is god's word
      vibratory fields

      so(u)lar light body
      computer bank of knowledge
      surf the world-wide web

      particle and wave
      clue to immortality
      hydrogen atom

      shared reality
      merge mind and body circles
      vesica piscis

      running through my mind
      time: circle of consciousness
      take a quantum leap

      climb every mountain
      spiritual destiny
      maintain lofty goals

      beauty and knowledge
      twin souls of evolution
      welcome peace on earth

      once upon a time
      suns and daughters of atom
      breathed divinity

      sitting in the west
      stroking possibility
      massive implosion

      vehicle of light
      shoots into the universe
      catch a falling star