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8483Courage Remembered (revised) by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jul 27 9:49 AM
      Courage Remembered

      considering those who look like me
      for centuries betrayed
      the native american people
      breaking many promises made

      what gave you the courage
      to openly trust again
      and share your heart and land
      so that healing could begin

      did you look into our eyes
      to the depth of the soul
      and see that we want peace
      and our mother made whole

      we came back to assist
      every race is represented
      and will proudly walk beside you
      until all differences are mended

      I remember you from long ago
      when your spirit road the wind
      you've returned a rainbow warrior
      riding freedom once again

      we've all been here many lifetimes
      seeming never to belong
      now our essence blends together
      beating as one heart, one song

      by Sharon Frum Pacione
      Fall 1996
      revised July 27, 2014-