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8481Wondering (revised) by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jul 22, 2014

      what is it that draws people 
      to live and work and play together

      is it their similarities,
      a love of pomegranates and geometric shapes,
      the colors of turquoise and purple,
      an affinity for stones and flutes and  nature's sights and sounds

      or, are they drawn together 
      because of differences
      seeking re-memberance of an ancient past
      when nations shared one heart

      experiences come and go
      as quickly as waves erase footprints on the sands of time
      leaving no proof 
      that souls shared moments of beauty and harmony
      on the shore of infinity,
      expressing their divinity
      through drummers' prayers and chants 
       blown into the universe
      to showcase impermanence

      is it that all notes of F# 
      eventually meet for a songbird convention
      before flying off  to unknown destinations
      in search of other frequencies
      making up the symphony of life

      is it that diversity was birthed
      by the soul's deep curiosity and journey into self,
      creating the illusion of others
      while searching for god

      by Sharon Frum Pacione
      April 4, 2005
      Revised July 22, 2014