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8480Children of War (revised) by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jul 20, 2014
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      Children of War

      I think of the images of war
      housed in the hearts and minds 
      of children all over the world
      imprisoned in war ghettos 
      by occupiers and world citizens
      with laryngitis 

      what is forced upon their psyche 
      that will be the catalyst
      for future choices
      as they grow into adulthood

      who will care enough
      about the contents of their souls
      to stop the madness of ethnic cleansing,
      the reality of legalized murder
      by governments who have suffered spiritual death
      as they mount white-horse coalitions of 'just-us',
      bombs dripping with the blood of arrogance 

      the world looks on
      with glazed eyes of nationalism
      and religious intolerance
      nourished by mainstream media's
      atrocities by omission
      and the daily dose of political pablum 
       are victims of un-natural disasters
       any less deserving of compassion
      than victims of natural disasters  
      cries for help have no country or religion

      when the silence comes
      life is never the same,
      can never be the same
      once mothers of the world
      have buried the hopes and dreams
      of dead children

      as survivors, we are all prisoners of war
      captured by unconscious choices
      and frozen images thawing in the sun  

      by Sharon Frum Pacione
      January 30, 2005
      revised July 20, 2014
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