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8478These Days

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  • sstoth0
    Jul 18, 2014


      In the local hardware store

      looking for something 

      to hang the wash on

      One lone pickup in the lot outside

      You don’t see too many

      vehicles parked here

      since a national chain

      put up a hardware store

      that covers the whole next block

      The only customer besides us

      is talking with two 

      long time employees

      How’s business?

      Good enough to keep 

      the doors open

      Nervous laughter

      That’s what I’m hearing

      all over town

      Why even the casinos 

      aren’t pulling in the bucks

      so you know

      people have to be hurting

      I guess that’s what

      we’re all doing these days

      Just keeping the doors open

      Steve Toth