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8477Mourning Song (revised) by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jul 13, 2014
      Mourning Song

      where do birds sing during war
      do they follow displaced humans   
      fleeing earth-shattering chaos,
      forced to seek safe refuge
      in lands not yet known 

      others feel the despair and terror of war
      from other-side-of-the-world sanctuaries,
      lending their voices and actions
      to the broken hearts and spirits
      of those too shell-shocked to understand
      that they and their loved ones
      were bombed in the name of peace

      trigger-fingers decide the fate
      for those whose bodies
      litter the countryside,
      where children
      ripped from the arms of their mothers
      lay alongside shattered hopes and dreams,
      blown to kingdom come

      helpless feathered messengers
      leave dismembered babies
      and lifelong partners
      in search of greener pastures,
      where land mines and bullets and bombs
      won't interrupt their mourning song

      will these messengers of harmony
      once again find peace on earth,
      or will mankind enslave
      all God's creatures
      in his hell-hole of destruction 

      by: Sharon Frum Pacione
      April 14, 1999
      revised July 13, 2014