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8476Figments of Speech

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  • sstoth0
    Jul 11, 2014
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      In the moment

           spill the beans

           Mumbo jumbo

      Out of character

           bite the bullet

           Super duper

      I’m not one to see

          my emotions in the weather

          The ocean didn’t come into being

      to symbolize my feelings

           Witness suspect or victim

           Life just wants to go on living

      Off the wall

           shoot the breeze

           Namby pamby

      On the ball

           up your sleeve

           Wing ding

      Literal readings are of little help here

           Every day I dig 

           myself another hole

      Is that the Great Spirit I hear

           howling above the gusting wind?

           This is your brain on language

      Out to lunch

           hit the fan

           Razzle dazzle

      On top of the world

           under the weather

           Hocus pocus 

      Faint-hearted knee jerks

           got a death grip on life

           Does anyone have the time?

      Like fish unaware of water

           the forest is our role model

           We too are forces of nature

      Steve Toth