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8475Playing With Matches (revised) by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jul 11, 2014
      Playing With Matches

      the invisible sails the wind,
      radiation traveling the world
      in search of the weak,
      the unsuspecting

      with every breath compromised,
      fate is sealed by ignorance
      and the residue of apathy
      and unwise choices

      toxic waste,
      depleted uranium,
      building nuclear power plants on fault lines,
      war, greed and hate,,
      genetically engineered food,
      dna altering pesticides,
      chemical pharmaceuticals 
      and their side-effects

      all showcase the outcome of children playing with matches,
      humanity the cancer consuming itself and nature,
      reaching into space with the same
      shackled and uncivilized mind
      that is willingly destroying the earth
      and all its inhabitants 

      the air, soil, and water suffers in silence
      waiting for the voice of the heart  to speak

      the georgia guidestones waits and watches

      by Sharon Frum Pacione
      June 23, 2011
      revised July 11, 2014