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8471Rest of my Life

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  • sstoth0
    Jun 19, 2014


      I was sitting in Spanish class

      Jim had had a doctor’s appointment

      & came in late

      He gave the teacher his hall pass

      Sitting down at his desk

      he told those of us sitting near him

      that Kennedy had been shot

      For some reason this rubbed us 

      all the wrong way

      We told him his joke wasn’t funny

      & took turns mocking him

      He said he wasn’t joking

      A few minutes later

      the principal came on the intercom

      announcing that the President

      had just been killed

      & we were all being sent home

      until next Monday

      It was windy & raining hard

      all the way home

      I just had to lean into it

      as I cut through the soy bean field

      My forehead tightened up

      & stayed that way all weekend

      Or perhaps it didn’t 

      happen that way at all

      Maybe I vividly imagined it 

      Is this the dawning

      of the age of dementia?

      At the time I remember thinking

      that now I was a part of history

      & this was something I would

      never forget as long as I lived

      Now I wonder if I wasn’t born 

      this morning & all my memories

      aren’t in the coffee I’m drinking

      Steve Toth