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8463On This Mother's Day by Sharon Frum Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    May 11 7:09 PM
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      On This Mother's Day

      on this mother's day
      I'm grateful for the birth of my mother
      and the strength of character she instilled,
      the ease of each breath,
      the healing of my body, mind and spirit,
      a husband who lovingly remembers the vow
      'in sickness and in health',
      grandchildren who have loving and supportive parents,
      children who are part of the solution,
      friends who shower me with unconditional love,
      all of the nurturers throughout my life,

      selective memories,
      the symphony of nature,
      spring colors,
      mother goose and her babies,
      the aroma of heaven,
      a cup of tea,
      bare feet upon the earth,
      the sound of water flowing,
      clouded visions,
      books and rainy days,
      for music and cats,

      the courage of those who came before me,
      those that teach me compassion,
      the opportunities to know integrity,
      the gift of knowing 'nothing',

      for all the words that have fallen
      off the edge of my mind,
      for those who inspire me
      throughout this gift of eternity,
      for diversity,
      for this moment,
      for life,
      I bow in deep gratitude

      Sharon Frum Pacione
      May 11, 2014