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8459Mother's Voice

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  • sstoth0
    May 8, 2014


      When I was a kid

      sometimes the show

      I was watching on television

      got a little scary 

      I’d hide my eyes

      & say “tell me when it’s safe to look”

      or go into the kitchen

      & peek around the corner

      or even go to another room completely

      My mother would laugh & say

      “The cameraman isn’t afraid”

      & it was true 

      If anything was going to come

      out of the show & get someone

      the cameraman would 

      be first in line

      Now days the scariest thing

      on television is the news

      & even scarier things

      are happening in my brain & body

      Still I hear my mother’s voice

      “The cameraman isn’t afraid”

      & I keep coming back

      to see how it’s going to turn out