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8444Love Poem 15

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  • sstoth0
    Feb 13, 2014
      LOVE POEM 15

      Flowers that grow
      too quickly or too easily 
      with especially small blooms
      are often called weeds
      Love is a flower
      not a weed

      We’re no window shoppers
      We run deep
      because we go way back
      Lovable one I see
      the beauty you are
      Love is calling our names

      If I was a bright
      red tubular blossom
      with a fresh load
      of sweet nectar
      I’d want you to be
      my thirsty hummingbird

      X marks a kiss
      X is also the unknown
      Your kiss with unknown powers
      has marked me for life 
      Love weeds out the dabblers
      Love always wins

      --Steve Toth