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8442If Anyone Asks

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  • sstoth0
    Jan 27, 2014


      The ocean has a slow

           but steady heat

      You can dance to it

           for a million years

           & still the waves will be

      rewriting the shoreline

           You can’t hurry perfection

      Fourth time this year

           we’ve come whale watching

      Today we walk to a place

           where we once saw three whales

      We scan the distance for a spout

           but see only 

           the splashing of wave on rock

      The largest rock of them all 

           is called Castle Rock

      but looks nothing like a castle

           We wonder if any

      of the other rocks are named

           One we see looks

          something like a crouching lion

      With bushes for a mane

           & sculpted body that narrows 

           to the rock hard hind quarters

      Kind of a flat face for a lion

           but with a huge rugged head

      Sheila says “sphinx”

           & so it becomes

      Now if anyone asks

           as we make 

      our way homeward

           “Did you see 

            any whales today?

      “No” we’ll tell them

           “but we saw a sphinx”