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8435Way Out 2

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  • sstoth0
    Dec 14, 2013
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      WAY OUT 2

      Hide your eyes dear one 

           with your hands & pretend 

      I can’t see you

           As language struggles

      to free itself one more time

           from the restrictions

           & restraints of past usage

      Are words more like a cache 

           of loaded water balloons

      or almond shells being cracked open 

           or are they where ideas go

      to make themselves known?

           Just let me know you

           as you should be known

      Most people enter a strange room

           & do a quick take

      on the feel of the furnishings

           Others look for possible weapons

      & alternative ways out

           Is anything I say

           an improvement on silence?

      Do words we use reflect our evolution? 

           The only face a mirror has

      is the one you’re putting before it

           With words I can  keep

      an eye on the invisible 

           With words I can

           trade places with the sky

      Steve Toth