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  • sstoth0
    Dec 1, 2013
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      Scientists say the bird

           with the largest brain

           in proportion to its body

      is the hummingbird

           & what does the hummingbird

           do with all that brain power?

      Well one male has figured out

           the exact place on the pea fence

           where it can keep its eyes on & control

      90% of the flowers we’ve planted on

           three sides of the house so they could

           feed without disturbing each other

      As I step into the backyard

           One bird buzzes past my right ear

           pursued closely by another

      It’s like the old post play

           in basketball but the pursuer

           is not rubbed off

      Then they spiral straight up

           twisting around each other

           but they aren’t dancing cheek to cheek

      They’re battling beak to beak

           A third bird tries to sneak in

           while the other two are occupied

      But it is quickly spotted 

           where it‘s feeding on some

           out of the way blossoms & gone after

      At last each one is chasing

           one brainy bird while being 

           relentlessly pursued by another