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8431Buddha Teaching "The Mustard Seed"

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  • coronaborealis444
    Nov 23, 2013
      From the book Buddha Meditations: The Art of Letting Go by Lisa TE Sonne, published 2013.

      The Mustard Seed

      A woman came to the Buddha, lamenting the death of her child and imploring him to restore her family. He tells her he'll bring her child back to life if she can bring him a mustard seed from a house that has not known death. 

      The woman traveled around the countryside, from home to home, in search of the prize mustard seed. Instead, she finds family after family with stories of death to share. A woman mourns the death of her husband of 50 years. A young man grieves over the recent loss of his parents. A retired soldier regales her with stories of his former comrades in arms.

      Finally, she returns without the mustard seed, but with a better understanding of the first tenet of Buddhism; suffering is a fact of life. Wiser for her journey, the woman also found herself connected to all those who, like her, have lost loved one.

      from the book Buddhist Meditations: The Art of Letting Go, by Lisa TE Sonne.