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8430A Poem From Mark Nepo's New Poetry Book

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  • coronaborealis444
    Nov 23, 2013
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      The trouble with the mind
      is that it sees like a bird
      but walks like a man

      And things at the surface
      move fast, needing to be
      gathered. While things
      at center move slow,
      needing to be

      What i mean is
      if you want to see
      many birds, you can
      gather them in a cage
      and wonder why
      they won't fly.

      Or you can go to
      the wetlands, birding
      in silence before
      the sun comes up.

      it's the same
      with the things
      we love or think.

      We can frame them
      in pretty cages or follow
      them  into the wild meadow
      till they stun us with the
      spread of their magnificent

      by Mark Nepo
      from his new book of poetry
      Reduced to Joy
      published 2013