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  • sstoth0
    Sep 29, 2013
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      Did I try to convince you

      that expressing anything in language

      is like calling out across a parking lot

      to someone you only think you know?

      Or that no words can ensure understanding?

      Did I utter let me turn on my flashlight 

      & I’ll show you the Sun in its beam?

      Did I say what couldn’t be said before?

      Did I deny we’ve come through worse than this?

      Did I trigger your abandonment issues?

      Did I make off with your wealth

      leaving you broke & destitute of ideas?

      Did I take the words straight out

      of your mouth & set them down

      right here before you?

      Did I tell you life is like a mountain

      & whatever you call it 

      will echo back to you exactly?

      So you call life “the Beloved”

      & it echoes back “Beloved”