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8420Begin with Yourself

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  • sstoth0
    Sep 8, 2013
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      When we leave for the ocean

      we don’t pack any big ideas

      about how the shoreline might be 

      improved & developed into something

      that will bring in a buck or two

      We only come to see 

      things as they are

      In all these years for example

      I’ve yet to see the ocean

      age a single day

      or miss a solitary wave

      Begin with yourself

      Some people say 

      that feeling alive is just an idea 

      the earth gets when 

      it takes human form

      If all creation is God’s shadow

      then what does a look

      at your own dark outline

      compared with the real you

      tell you about the nature

      of the divine?

      Alternating currents of fear & bravado

      Begin with yourself

      Found another live one

      lying in the rubble of society

      What kind of God 

      allows this to happen?

      Speak straight to the core as if

      every word isn’t just a suggestion

      People want a religion

      that will prohibit them

      from doing what they don’t 

      want to do & command them

      to do as they please

      Begin with yourself