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8418That Light

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  • Steve Toth
    Jul 27, 2013

      Under the influence of love
      we no longer feel
      like rats in a maze
      moving the walls around
      just to make it harder
      We feel like we're burning
      with the same fire

      May a little light go
      with you always wherever
      life may chance to take you
      even when you're getting
      buried in the darkest pit
      you've ever dug for yourself
      I want to be that light

      As sure as whales
      have secret limbs
      hidden deep in their flesh
      we have good reason
      to be saying "Oh God!"
      because we know it's love
      we're making in God's presence

      Under the influence of love
      our desires reach
      the point of no return
      & continue onward
      to the unreachable horizon
      If we become what we love
      then I must be becoming you

      Love is really living large
      Love is bigger than all of us
      Passing out pieces
      of my heart
      I find
      there seem to be much
      more than I thought

      Steve Toth