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8416Coyote Steals Fire

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  • Steve Toth
    Jul 18, 2013
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      In the days before people got fire
      the gods of Mount Olympus
      were throwing a big bash
      Lots of food & drink
      Coyote was there too
      Zeus came up to him
      `Humans have dogs
      for their best friends
      We thought you might
      want to be our best friend
      You'd be well fed & richly collared
      Also you could lie around
      as much as you like
      while you're guarding our stuff'

      Coyote said nothing
      He walked over to the food tables
      & stuffed his face with a certain relish
      then after the gods started slipping
      into levels of unconsciousness
      Coyote stole some glowing briquettes
      from the barbeque grill
      & ran away into the night
      shouting "I'm a wild animal
      & damn proud of it!"
      The gods shook off their stupors
      & gave chase like a storm front
      Hermes was leading the way
      with his winged cap & shoes

      When Coyote felt himself tiring
      he passed the living coals to Eagle
      Eagle passed them to Hawk
      & Hawk to Vulture whose head got
      so hot it turned red
      Still the gods were closing in
      Vulture dropped the coals
      to Deer but he missed catching them
      By the time he gathered them up
      the gods were right on top of them

      Coyote jumped off Zeus' personal
      storm cloud where he had been
      hiding the whole time buried
      under a mass of gray
      All the animals passed the coals
      around until Coyote had them all
      He hid them in his anus
      & lowered his tail to cover
      the smell of burning flesh
      But then Coyote farted
      Flames shot out & started
      a small bush on fire
      The gods took possession of the coals
      & left for their mountain top home

      Coyote was still not defeated
      He never liked to leave a job undone
      so he set to work with simple items
      & put together the first fire drill
      He showed some of the locals
      how to drill fire for themselves
      They showed their neighbors
      then they showed their neighbors
      & soon the whole world was
      cooking & keeping warm
      "What a blast" said Coyote

      Steve Toth