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8413Awake this Morning

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  • Steve Toth
    Jul 11 10:20 PM

      A bullet fired
      a quick tempered comment
      that slips out
      & a lost opportunity
      are three things
      that are gone for good
      unless you've got
      yourself a wishing machine

      We awoke this morning
      Our eyes opened the new day
      taking a quick look at the time
      How many miracles a day
      will be sufficient?
      The amount is limitless
      when you're the owner
      of a wishing machine

      You'll come to rely
      on your wishing machine
      just like you used to
      rely on your brain & body
      Effort is obsolete
      Work is old fashioned
      Why do for yourself
      when it can be done for you?

      Steve Toth