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  • Steve Toth
    Jul 3, 2013

      What a glass
      of room temperature
      water looks like
      depends on how thirsty you are
      We are all being sought
      by what we are truly seeking
      Water has a thirst
      for the thirsty

      When the prancing showoffs
      start taking turns
      posing as the least deceived
      person in the room
      I jump right into line
      My life's already been spent
      while I was trying
      to decide what to order

      Of course I wanted you
      to fall on your face
      I thought it might
      but it didn't make me look better
      The difference between
      a smile & a grimace isn't much
      Now I can hardly call a coin in the air
      without missing the ground

      Bears make no distinction
      between taking food
      that's being offered
      & taking food that's been
      raided from a campsite
      Food has a hunger for the hungry
      Maybe you should
      never have fed me

      Steve Toth
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