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8409Again this Spring

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  • Steve Toth
    Jun 11, 2013

      When we humans look at the world
      we tend to think that the one thing
      that is most wrong with it is
      that we don't have more control
      but we're working on that

      If we humans ran the weather
      would it only rain at 3 am
      & for no more than a prescribed amount?
      Would there be no more hurricanes or tornados?
      No more wondering what to wear?

      But what constitutes control
      is constantly being altered
      by the forces of chaos
      like the simple word tree keeps changing
      into a parody of a real tree & back again

      Could control be the reason astronomers say
      all the other galaxies are running away
      from us at ever increasing speeds?
      I don't know but again this spring I've replanted
      & sprouted myself into existence anew

      Steve Toth