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8408Mailbox Blues

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  • Steve Toth
    Jun 4, 2013
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      Somebody bashed our mailbox
      late Friday night
      We did hear some loud voices
      but not so loud
      we looked out the window
      then a couple of basketball bounces
      then what sounded like a firework
      but it didn't sound
      all that unusual

      With the distance it was spread out
      it looked like a car hit it
      but there were no tire tracks
      so it was probably
      something like a baseball bat.
      We were thinking of buying
      a new one with metal
      instead of plastic
      but plastic doesn't dent
      & why provide a challenge?.

      My neighbor removed
      the bottom four inches
      with a chainsaw
      then with a power screwdriver
      reconstructed the whole thing
      with a bolt nut & washer
      where the plastic hinge broke

      His own mailbox got
      knocked down so many times
      he planted the post in a plastic bucket
      full of sand instead of the ground
      That way when his relatives
      back into it with their cars
      he can put it
      right back up

      Steve Toth