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8406Carload of Strangers

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  • Steve Toth
    May 21, 2013

      Carload of strangers
      asking lighthouse directions
      They think I am
      but I'm not
      you are

      Do words mantle ideas
      the way an eagle
      covers its kill
      with a circular spread
      of wings & feathers?

      Even our native tongue sounds
      like a foreign language to us now
      Words can't recall
      what they mean to others
      only how we're using them here

      Talk about a light touch
      A full grown deer can
      bed down in snow all night
      without any snow melting
      or any ice forming

      Many animals when alert to danger
      will stand on their hind legs
      to get an emergency view
      Poor humans keep standing erect
      as if always in danger

      If I say a poet is one who listens
      then I have to laugh at myself
      because I'm not myself today
      I'm the other half
      of a double entendre

      The worst thing for a poet
      is to get a big head
      & develop a sense of entitlement
      The best thing for a poet
      is to be read

      Steve Toth