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8405Break not any Idols in Anger

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  • Steve Toth
    May 14, 2013
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      Break not any idols in anger
      They'll break soon enough
      just playing with them
      This world is bombed out
      on its madness for verbal
      translations of reality
      I work for the boss of silence
      I punctuate with silence
      at the end of every line

      Reality is what we realize at any moment
      Our bodies may struggle
      & stick out of bed
      but it's reality that awakens
      Every little thing we've dreamed of
      held hostage in the hands of time
      may be too hard to get to know
      but if you live long enough
      words will regain their innocence

      Then the word for heat will be confidence
      Love's justice will be the word liberty
      The word for baby will be gentleness
      There will be names for every flower
      & fruit you can imagine
      The word for courage will be discover
      The word for freer will be friend
      I want to touch your hard to reach places
      People have died for what we faintly live

      Steve Toth