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8395It's Spring Again by Sharon Pacione

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  • coronaborealis444
    Apr 10, 2013

      It's Spring Again

      birthed from patience and the winter thaw
      magnificence showcases the return of spring,
      crocus demonstrates first born courage,
      pushing through the comfort of darkness,
      roll model and friend to daffodil and dandelion

      I'm grateful for nature's ancestry, 
      the memory of the acorn and songbirds,
      the strength of spring bulbs to journey through harshness
      delighting the sun and the senses

      I'm grateful for the timing of the buds,
      for their majestic aroma carried by the wind
      and for the placement of shadows on woodland floors
      housing violets, moss and lily of the valley

      I'm grateful for the thawing of lakes and rivers
      giving rise to the birth of tadpoles and dragonflys
      rehearsing their role in the earth's transformation

      I'm grateful for warmer weather,
      for the renewed sense of being alive,
      for the ability to touch the pallet of nature on lingering walks,
      for the smiles and kindness of strangers and loved ones
      giving birth to the beauty of new moments

      it's spring again
      and gratitude and joy has claimed my heart
      on this 65th journey around the sun

      by Sharon Pacione
      April 13, 2011
      revised April 10, 2013