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  • Steve Toth
    Mar 14, 2013

      We came here for love
      but we got raped & jilted
      We came here for warmth
      but we got burned
      Still we look for the
      light that is coming our way

      Not because of
      our command of the facts
      or our lack of the same
      but simply by
      the sheer strength
      of our wanting it to be so

      In more senses than one
      I still don't know
      if I'm an immature vulture
      or a tornado
      or the longest song ever
      by a mockingbird in love

      But I know you
      can't reach the headwaters
      without swimming a ways
      against the current
      & we are all the works
      of our own arts

      We strangers we're family
      Words can exaggerate
      the outlines & distances of things
      but our instincts are still making
      the hairs on the backs
      of our necks stand up

      Steve Toth
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