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8382Marry Me To Yesterday: -- Janette Lindsell

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  • Wynn Manners
    Mar 12, 2013
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      Marry Me To Yesterday:

      Slide into the path of our journey
      Follow the map along my spine
      With breathless lips.......

      Night's dark flowers swell
      Silver bells,
      Among my heart's wet pulsing,
      Thoughts wild, utter me Autumn
      Like a feather of Vespers;
      An owl sings
      A dark reveille in moonlit guise
      And shadow traced
      Lulling chants
      Marry me to yesterday...

      Combs a phantom of hands
      The memory of you
      Shaking the blue sky from my hair,
      Coaxing that purring at the back of my throat,
      My song, held hostage
      Amid the still of the night,
      I feel you now, as words flow
      From the flesh of your tongue
      A... murmured heartbeat...

      Tangles me tender, beneath breath
      Softening sadness inside
      A pandemonium of bruised echoes,
      My voice
      Naked as moon,
      Intoxicating scents of desire,
      Fierce, cathartic, ripe, unraveled
      Inside you...

      Feel me now...
      Through the fleece of memory,
      Pulsating passion through our veins
      Feel me now...
      My breath on your cheek
      Lips brushing over your skin
      Feel me now...
      My tongue dividing your mouth
      Kissing you harder and deeper
      Released now
      Intoxicating scents of desire,
      Orgasming into serenity..............

      -- Janette Lindsell