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  • coronaborealis444
    Jan 31, 2013
      Hi Steve:

      Playing catch up in reading your poems. They are welcomed heart tugs. Isn't it time for another book to be put together?

      Sharon 444

      --- In VoicesOfThePhilosophersStone@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Toth" wrote:
      > Sunlight plays on the water
      > as a song plays on the radio
      > You can play ball with the bosses
      > or play it by ear
      > as you play for time
      > Play it cool or play the fool
      > but play it through till it's all played out
      > You can play a part in a play
      > & if it's autobiographical
      > you might even get to play yourself
      > Other people's memories play
      > tricks on me but there's still no
      > consummate poem just poetry getting through
      > rereading & rewriting one's life
      > making a total work of oneself
      > Play on words let nothing stop you
      > if you are truly at play
      > & not just playing us all for suckers
      > this feeling of linguistic intimacy
      > & verbal invincibility will spread
      > Maybe words are no longer content
      > to merely describe things & events
      > Maybe they're creating their own as we speak
      > That we are all cunning
      > seems both accidental & inevitable
      > Maybe words do generate wild stories
      > the way reality once generated words
      > & every word is writing its own thesaurus
      > but no matter how serious the subject
      > there will always be wordplay
      > Steve Toth
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