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7930A Few Lines

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  • Steve Toth
    Aug 1, 2010

      There's something about
      lines of bodies moving together
      that stirs the fascination in us humans
      Be it soldiers marching off to war
      or a line of dancers kicking in unison
      or even exercisers doing calisthenics

      O soft roar of trees
      O rolling thunder of waves breaking
      How many poets have you silenced today?
      So you want to play the careless one
      You kissed me back & I got
      the message so to speak

      Formless ideas seeking expression
      are sequences of letters of the alphabet
      the best you can do?
      Be sure to say something that sounds
      intelligible so no one will think
      you're an animal striking keys

      A few lines marching into battle
      A few lines dancing the night away
      A few lines on your face & mine
      but I know love's reality
      If the world was any plainer
      poetry would not exist

      Steve Toth