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7884Early 2010 Haikus by Sharon Pacione

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2010
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      Early 2010 Haikus
      by Sharon Pacione
      April 2, 2010

      in sync with the sea
      heron standing in the rain
      scouting the menu

      growing in the dark
      massaged by time and friction
      oyster births the pearl

      searching for purpose
      mirror, mirror on the wall
      love myself to death

      letting go the shore
      smooth sailing in the middle
      hugging learning curves

      war rains toxic air
      birds sing only mourning songs
      we breathe anyway

      odd reality
      manipulation of time
      disturbing nature

      sitting in the dark
      flashlight with dead battery
      why not close my eyes

      snowflakes break the fall
      arrive on a sunny day
      touch impermanence

      one step at a time
      caterpillar journeys west
      no fear of flying

      glimpse another world
      ten feet from insanity
      dolphins spouting tears

      flower to flower
      double-dipping food of gods
      no motion sickness

      time for reflection
      within the holy temple
      imitate the bear

      toxic waste planet
      imprisoning land and sea
      reigning ignorance

      earthworms till the soil
      under the weight of the world
      original zen

      great minds think alike
      interacting tuning forks
      opposites attract

      lives beyond limitation
      sun and moon lit path

      illusion of death
      limbs hang naked in the snow
      born again in spring

      eating rain and sun
      queen anne's lace grows like a weed
      stretching boundaries

      gracing woodland pines
      cardinal arrives in red
      glory in the snow

      unopened petals
      endure the path of cycles
      blossoms in the mind

      essence of the sea
      diversity washed ashore
      sun-kissed empty shells

      acorn dreams of spring
      within lies ten-thousand trees
      nourished by the dark

      concentric circles
      heading toward infinity
      pebble in a pond

      house plant companions
      nourish the invisible
      oxygen channel

      circling the square
      blossoms on a cherry tree
      heaven's aroma

      shutting out the world
      a mind seduced by silence
      empty begging bowl

      by Sharon Pacione