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7818Spend the Night

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  • Steve Toth
    Oct 1, 2009

      When my neighbor Clyde
      was younger he went camping
      with a couple of friends
      in the Big Sur area & they settled into
      a campsite ready to spend the night

      His friends were going to sleep by the fire
      but Clyde not wanting to wash
      his sleeping bag if he didn't have to
      walked away from the ashes & dust
      to stretch out on the picnic table

      When he awoke it wasn't morning he saw
      but the snout & eyes of a black bear
      its front paws on the table
      its nose snorting his face in the darkness
      & his own movements bagged up tight

      He's not exactly sure what he did next
      but whatever it was the bear
      was so flabbergasted by it that it ran off
      He says he felt like a bag of food
      being sniffed for freshness

      Then he & his friends built their campfire
      up into blazes & weren't afraid
      of making a little noise
      There would be no more
      nodding off for any of them that night

      Steve Toth